Installation principle and characteristics of liquid blister packing machine


Industry introduction

The liquid blister packing machine is a typical packaging form of a liquid preparation. It is a small dose plate packaging suitable for patients. It has the advantages of a lightweight, easy to carry, good sealing, no mixing of drugs and no waste of services. It has become the mainstream of solid preparation packaging in China and has been widely used in the field of medicine. The equipment used for blister packaging is called a blister packaging machine. Because the materials used are mostly plastic film and aluminum foil, it is also called a liquid blister packing machine.

Installation principle and characteristics of liquid blister packing machine

Principle of liquid blister packing machine

The medical film is heated and softened to a plastic state by a heater. After the blister is sucked out by a vacuum negative pressure on the molding die roll, the packed articles are filled into the blister by the filling device. Then, the aluminum foil coated with adhesive on one side is covered on the blister by the heat sealing roller at a suitable temperature and pressure, so that the packed articles are sealed in the blister respectively, and then the printed articles are printed on the set position by the typing and stamping device Put on the batch number and press out the tearing line, and finally cut into a certain size of packaging plate through the punching device.

Characteristics of liquid blister packing machine

1. The accuracy is higher, and the error is within 0.2mm;

2. It has good stability and can guarantee long-term operation;

3. The speed is faster, which can achieve 100 blankings per minute;

4. It can realize any modification of quasi stop and follow when jogging.



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